Operational IT Risk Control Platform

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Artificial Intelligence

An Operational IT Risk Advisor Platform which aims to provide E2E operational chain control coupled with predictive edge, at speed, scale & accuracy that no manual solution can match.

Our team has deep industry knowledge backed by experience and proven results, with Banking & Financial Institutions, FinTechs and Startups.

Business Insights

  • Discover Business Value Chain
  • Value Chain Impact Analysis
  • Application Chain Control
  • Business Transaction Tracing


  • Predictable End User & Chain Impact
  • Predictive Process Execution Monitoring
  • Dynamic profiling with Rules & Scorecards
  • Critical Process Watcher

Risk & Compliance

  • Overall Operational Risk Advisor
  • Access to all element in IT Value Chain
  • Business Service Level Compliance Watcher
  • SLA Management & Reporting
Our software has always had open connectivity, and we will always be hardware agnostic. This makes our Software Platform flexible, open-ended, and able to easily extend the value of existing investments.

Operational Risk Control

Value Chain Analysis

Business Continuity

Processing Predictability

Operational Insights

Regulatory Compliance

Use Cases
SysAnalytix Operational Risk Advisory Platform — it’s about end to end control. Only automated & analytically-powered digital operational risk advisory can keep pace with today’s speed of business.
Digital Operational Resilience

Complete Platform to support Operational IT Risk assessment and Application Chain Control for Business Services.

Host of use cases for Payment Processing such as Tracking Tracing, Timeliness & Completeness, and Alert on Cut off Times.
Complete insight into your IT Landscape leading to Automated Operations coupled with customer centricity.
Value Proposition
Complete Platform to support Operational Chain Control
Analytics -driven issue detection and real-time risk reporting
Predict on processing times and address SLA breaches with preemptive measures
AI driven discovery of Business Services (with connected components)
Realistic Risk assessment with Complete visibility into actual Business Service Chain
End to End control on all touchpoints in IT Value Chain to eliminate blind spots
Identification of Single Point of Failures & Queue Spots
How it works
Goodbye data analytics, hello smart data analytics

Artificial Intelligence driven Process mining is the missing link between model-based process analysis and data-oriented analysis techniques. Through Concrete data sets and ready to use Performance Analytics models.
Sysanalytix Provides data science Knowledge that can be applied directly to analyze an improve processes in a variety of domains

Predictions on Real Time Stream of Million of Events … yes, we do it.

SysAnalytix’s AI Engine is designed for fast data and prepared for 3 V’s of data: Volume,velocity,and variety .it brings out meaning full outcomes for Enterprises to improve efficiency with Predictable Outcomes

Platform Onboarding
SysAnalytix Platform is your trusted Operational IT Risk Advisor giving you Realistic Risk assessment with Complete visibility into the actual Business Service Chain. SysAnalytix don’t just show you what happened, it actually predicts the outcomes besides telling you why – and what to do about it.
What Clients say about us

It provides me status of processing for my clients in overall IT Landscape … earlier I used to get forwarded to lot of information but still requisite information was elusive.

Client Services

I now have a means for complete run time visibility in Application Chain with connected components along with Predictable processing times. No more contacting individual teams … and running around in war-rooms.

Chain Control

We had tools for monitoring our applications .. but now we have a platform which can observer across applications and help us follow the trail of processing and keep a tab on performance SLAs.

DevOps Teams

With Sysanalytix platform, we are able to better manage the Operational; risk for our applicaton landscape and at same time bring Business &IT teams togather..Embling a true BizOps nvironment.

Business Owners

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