SysAnalytix Operational Risk Advisory Platform — it’s about end to end control.Only automated & analytically-powered digital operational risk advisory can keep pace with today’s speed of business.


  • Complete Platform to support Operational Chain Control:

    An effective tooling provided to access operational resilience risks are understood, assessed, monitored and communicated to the Board and Executive Management

  • Mapping the business service end-to-end, across all functions:

    AI driven discovery of Business Services (with connected components)

  • Clear dependencies between components for critical business services : Clear documentation for the people, processes, technology, facilities and information necessary to deliver each important business service

  • Analytics-driven issue detection and real-time risk reporting: Clear end user impact and preemptive alerts

  • Predict on processing times and address SLA breaches with preemptive measures:

    Predictability on processing times leading to guessing and delays in critical processes

  • Established monitoring and critical watches against impact tolerances, alerts, and escalation of potential issues:

    End to End control on all touchpoints in IT Value Chain to eliminate blind spots

  • Business Transaction Tracing: Trace Business Transactions and access the process state with clear visibility into dependent application components

  • Incident management: Incident response tooling in place to identify, classify and to help ensure appropriate, measured responses

  • Sourcing and external dependencies: Clear view of the dependencies on external or sourcing partners and the level of risk that is introduced into the critical services.

Financial Services

  • Instant payment

    • Access to all applications components in System Processing Chain
    • Observe and Alert on on different time limits for completing transactions per Instant Payment Scheme per Country
    • Real Time analysis into volumes which could lead to lead to stress on components leading to delays and failures
    • Visualize at any given moment, traffic flowing through parts of system chain: Answering the questions whether Batch traffic is slowing down components serving Instant Payments
  • Salary payments or benefits disbursements

    • Handle and Alert on timeliness of critical payment processing which could lead to bad press and customer satisfaction issue
    • Visualize and manage Application Components per Business flow e.g. the ones serving Batch Processing Traffic vs Instant vs Direct Debit
    • Predict on Processing States, Application Flows and Completeness Timeliness of Payment Flows
  • Direct Debits e.g. Payment of recurring household services/mortgages

    • Alert on Completeness of Revolving Payments due to unavailability of funds on Customer Account, and associated completeness alerting
    • Handle Different retry cycles leading to complexity of tracking and alerting
  • Cross Border Payments

    • Contribute to SWIFT gpi requirements
    • Provide full transparency over where a payment is at any given moment: Tracking & Tracing
    • Contribute to correspondent banking network by providing adequate status of Payment via an API
    • Establish Alert on Data Integrity by observing changes on received and emitted remittance data


  • Break down silos

    • Knock down all the siloed legacy systems and orchestrate all data streams into a single viewpoint and achieve a 360-view of the customer on the level of involved Business Services
  • Notification of loss

    • Track and alert on Report of claim online within x min
  • Claim management

    • Analyze lineage of claims percentage which are automatically routed into target process
    • Track the numbers and timelines of cases steered into partner network
  • Loss assessment/ repair

    • Analyze on availability and timeliness of Self-service damage assessment via app at defined service levels
    • Full visibility in the underlying system health associated with providing claim status via push messages/app
  • Claims settlement

    • Completeness in Real-time processing and payout of cash settlement
    • Quantify and Analyze the loss payments triggered and executed automatically
  • Automated Operations

    • Process landscape automated and integrated across the organization
    • Response time to customers quickened and waste and costs in operations reduced